Uzay Resimleri(Sky pictures)

Photographer Gavin Heffernan sent these gorgeous photos to us and shared some information about where and how they were taken:

These are a compilation of some epic night and day shoots at Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park and also Monument Valley Navajo Park. I was in the area as an “artist in residence” at Northern Arizona University, talking to the photography students about my experiences with timelapsing, etc., and we also embarked on some shooting adventures. Though the conditions were intense, the storms parted to reveal some incredible night sky milk ways and meteors — as well as some perfect, clear skies for more “star trails” experimentation.

This was also my first opportunity to collaborate with old friend and former American Film Institute classmate Harun Mehmedinović, an incredibly accomplished photographer and now one of the professors at NAU. His passion and artists’ eye really elevated the quality of the material in a big way.