In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the increasing degradation and depletion of earth’s resources. The desire to improve the quality of people’s lives has led to the over-exploitation of resources, mainly due to unsustainable production and distribution methods as well as untenable consumption patterns. These production systems utilize large amounts of energy thus resulting to pollution problems due to excessive emission of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. This increasingly threatens land and water resources. Buzullar büyük bir hizla eriyor

Global warming threatens to destabilize every bioregion on Earth in the new millennium. Several scientists predict climate changes of unprecedented magnitude with significant impact on food, health and environment.  These changes could lead to worldwide loss of agricultural products, rising of oceans, floods, super hurricanes and the whole destruction of the entire ecosystems. The atmospheric ozone depletion could cause additional cancers and deaths from exposure to deadly ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays also greatly decrease the growing capacity of plants and seriously weaken the immune systems of humans and animals, raising famine and pestilence.

The global environmental crisis affects every one of us. Nobody can escape the global consequences of these new environment realities. Their impacts will continue to be felt by every human being and by every species with which we share this planet. Our damaged environment now concerns us all. We as caretakers should address these global environmental threats and challenges through collective action. Dünyamizi hizla kirletiyoruz

Everybody now is aware that climate change is real and is affecting all of us. Scientists and climatologists say that the world is getting warmer and the major cause of this is human activity. This calls for an urgent action; but the situation is not entirely hopeless, at least, not yet. The youth has the highest stake since it concerns our future as well as the present.  There is an urgent need to come together and work as agents of change at least to alleviate the causes if not eradicate all. Youth of today accounts for 40% of the global population. For several years, it has been observed that our changing consumption patterns with a lifestyle focused on high resource use, inefficient and ineffective processes, high waste generation and improper disposal has led to increase in emission levels and thus contributed to climate change. Thus, it’s high time that the youth, play a major role of not only following sustainable lifestyle but also in motivating others to do so. To handle climate change we need to act responsibly. We have to bring in small changes in our daily life that include simple actions such as walking or bicycling for short distances, wearing clothes appropriate to the seasons, watching for pollution and regularly maintaining our vehicles. Thus, it is essential that we consider the environmental impact of our everyday actions and choices.


Social Networking for Climate Change and Global Warming aims to generate environmental awareness using social networking as a catalyst for the youth, communities and leaders to focus on environmental issues particularly the global issues of climate change and global warming.  Throughsocial networking, the group is expecting that each and every one of the members regardless of age, regions and ethnicities would   simply be doing their parts/advocacies in their own respective countries in saving the Planet for the future generations.

The group calls for the collective actions of young generations in the site to figure out solutions for the existing climate change issues in their respective countries. Interested members for positions of moderators are most welcomed. Moderators will serve as team leaders and have to initiate environmental activities or advocacies in their respective countries. Such activities   with corresponding narrative reports and pictures will then be posted in the group’s home for updates and documentations. 



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